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26 June – 7July 2023

The 2023 edition of the Competition Summer School took place in person and was organised in cooperation with the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. This year’s programme kicked off on 26 June until 7 July 2023 for Korean officials.

On 4 June, participants from all the partner countries joined for a visit to the European Commission Directorate-General for Competition, during which several sessions and discussions and exchanges took place between the Asian and EU officials.

This year’s Competition Summer School programme has been designed to give participants specific insights into a number of new European Commission developments and the opportunity to explore the EU’s approach to a range of “hot topics” facing competition enforcers, including the role and contribution of competition law and policy in the context of the European Commission’s initiatives on the green economy, the digital economy, and  competition cases in these areas. The programmes also explored the review and amendments to existing Commission guidelines, or the new European Digital Markets Act. As in previous years, presenters focused on aspects of these topics likely to be of most interest to the partner countries. The programme combined workshops and lectures with a mix of academics, practitioners and case officers from the European Commission and EU Member State competition authorities, panel debates between enforcers from Asia and Europe to discuss their experiences, keynote speeches and interviews.

The Competition Summer School enabled exchanges of experiences, facilitated cooperation and coordination amongst the participating authorities, as well as increased and deepened the contacts with European officials and professionals.

  • The Competition Summer School for competition officials from India, Japan and Korea will take place from 2nd to 13th July 2018 at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium.
  • Lectures will cover all areas of competition law, including procedures, restrictive agreements, cartels, abuse of dominance, mergers, State Owned Enterprises and State Aid. The programme for the Competition Summer School will be available on the website in due course.

  • The programme includes a one-day excursion to the European Commission Directorate-General for Competition in Brussels.


This programme should only be considered as provisional and may change without prior notice.